Stripling and Cox on Camp Bowie

Front view of the Stripling and Cox store at 6370 Camp Bowie.
This store was originally R.E. Cox and Co., better known as Cox's.
In the early 1980s, Cox's and a rival department store known as Stripling's
were both doing poorly and I believe were nearly out of business.
They decided to join forces and became Stripling and Cox, which gave them
at least another 25 years of life. They closed permanently not too long after
this picture was taken on June 6, 2007. Photo by John Cirillo.

A zoom-in of the front doors and windows from the above photo.

A shot from the corner of Ridglea and Camp Bowie.
The Standard station on the corner has been there a long time also.
In the early 1980s it was a Gulf station.
Photo taken in 2004 by David Aldred.

A longer view from the corner, taken around 2004 by David Aldred.

The sad news is that in January, 2009 they began demolishing
the Stripling and Cox building. In its place I guess they plan
to build a new strip mall. The following two photos show the demise
of this old store.

Stripling & Cox closed
The last photo before demolition. Taken Jan. 19, 2009 by William Darden.

Stripling & Cox demolition
A sad sight to see. The end of an era. Taken Jan. 19, 2009 by William Darden.