Skillern's Drugs 4808 Camp Bowie

Skillerns 4800 block Camp Bowie 1940s
Skillern's new drug store at 4808 Camp Bowie at Byers.
They haven't had their Grand Opening yet. Year unknown, but
all of the cars are 1940s or earlier. Guessing postwar 40s.
In 1980 Skillern's was bought by Revco, and this store operated
as a Revco until about 1985, when it was closed.
Since then, it has been several businesses and was the Rainbow Bridge gift store
for a number of years. As of 2007 it was Classic Bungalow.
At the very far left, the store in the background is an A & P grocery.
Photo is a reprint from the collection of Les Crocker.

Site of Skillerns on Camp Bowie. Updated 2007.
Here is an updated shot of the above shopping center, taken June 6, 2007 by John Cirillo.