Six Points Griddle and Brim's Tavern Photos

Six Points Griddle was located at 3210 E. Belknap, about a half-block east of the
intersection of Belknap, Riverside, and Race Streets.
Just east of The Griddle was Brim's Tavern, at 3214 E. Belknap.
The two places were not related, but I am including them together since they are next door
to each other.
Note: Although the sign says Six Points Griddle, and I always thought that was the name,
in the Fort Worth telephone directory it is listed as "The Griddle # 11".
There is also (in the 1984 phone book) another location, "The Griddle #12" at 4013 E. Lancaster.
I have never seen the other location.

The above two photos were taken around 1997 by John Cirillo.
Brim's Tavern sign can be seen behind the Six Points Griddle sign.
A local favorite, Six Points was usually packed at lunchtime. It has since been torn down.

A different shot of the Six Points Griddle, taken in 1999 by Terry Grimes.

A shot of Brim's Tavern by itself in 1999. Photo by Terry Grimes.