Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point was a picnic shelter on an overlook that
gave a panoramic view of Lake Worth and beyond.
It was located along Cahoba Drive in Marion Sansom Park,
just west of Roberts Cut-Off. I say "was" because it is crumbling
to the ground. It is still there to see as of 2009, but I don't give it much longer.
There were at least two other picnic shelters along the lake: Broadview and Mosque Point.

Inspiration Point, 1930s
This is a scan from the 1930 North Side High School yearbook, provided by Lisa Helbing.
Note that this unusual view is from the south, showing the backside of the curved rock wall.

Inspiration Point, 1940s postcard view.
Postcard view from Inspiration Point. No date, but I'm guessing the 1940s.
The small canopy in the distance could be an artist's rendition of the
Mosque Point shelter.
From the collection of John Cirillo.

Inspiration Point, 1954
1954 photo of Inspiration Point, submitted by Lisa Helbing.
In the photo are Lisa's great-grandmother Katherine Boykin Little
with her grandson Raymond Tullous.

Inspiration Point, 1963
A family photo at Inspiration Point, around 1963.
From the collection of Bridgett Stevens.

Inspiration Point, Dec. 1978
A view of Inspiration Point at dusk in December of 1978.
Photo taken by John Cirillo. Digital restoration by Lisa Helbing.

Inspiration Point, 2008.
A 2008 view of Inspiration Point taken by William Darden.
Notice there is no roof now. The original roof burned in the
late 1970s and was replaced, only to burn again. It was never replaced again.
The site is slowly falling down. It may fall on its own before
they have a chance to tear it down.
Photo and information submitted by Lisa Helbing.