Haltom Theater Photos

A shot of the Haltom Theater in 1983

A zoom of the above shot from 1983.

A photo of the Haltom Theater in 2004.

Another shot of the Haltom Theater in 2004.

A Haltom Theater shot in 2007. This was a real drive-by and I almost missed it.

Another 2007 shot. This is almost ruined by the windshield glare.
I learned my lesson and got a polarizing filter.

All above taken by John Cirillo

The Haltom Theater was renovated in 2006. The
Birdville Historical Society was able to get a temporary sublease
for the 65th Anniversary.

David Voorhees of the Birdville Historical Society kindly supplied the following
picture of The Haltom Theater on opening night, December 1941.