Clown Burger Photos

The Clown Burger at 5512 E. Belknap in Haltom City had been in existence
since 1959, long before I moved to Fort Worth in 1977. It was quite popular.
We occasionally had somebody run down there to get lunch for all of us at work.
On July 4, 1994, they opened a second location at Haltom Road and Stanley-Keller
and called it Clown Burger Too. They had both locations open for about a year, and
then closed the Belknap location. According to Bill Louthan, the owner, they have been open
every year since then, except they close a few times a year to take a break.
The main location I think was a very old building and closed a few times possibly
due to flooding. It closed for good in 1995.
The photo above was taken in 1983.
Bill Louthan worked at Clown Burger since 1963 and now owns Clown Burger.
He said the Clown Burger was started in 1959 by George and Mary Stafford.
Incidentally George Stafford was also the person who started the Beef Burger
stand, also included here on Fort Worth Yesterday.
The Clown Burger had a website but it seems to have expired.
The link
Maybe it will come back??

Here are a couple of better photos of the original Clown Burger and sign.
These are made available here by kind permission of Bill Louthan, the owner.

The old building I remember at the Belknap location.

The old clown sign, apparently still in use at the new location. Sure looks like the same one!
Both photos above were taken by either Bill or his daughter Marissa. Used by permission.
Dates uncertain but before 1995!

I was driving past Stanley-Keller and Haltom road on June 6, 2007,
and got this and the next two photos of Clown Burger.

Here's another photo showing the side of the building. It also appears that they have a
catering trailer out back. Long live the Clown Burger!

Longshot showing the front of the store, taken June 6, 2007 by John Cirillo.

Their address:
Clown Burger Too
5020 Stanley-Keller Rd
Haltom City, TX 76117