Melody Shop

Melody Shop Record Store, 3123 Race Street in Six Points. 1999 photo by Terrance Grimes.

This little record store was run by Lena Mae Ball since she and her husband opened
it in 1951. After he died, she ran it herself and during the times I went there in the
1980s to 1990s, she and Mrs. Bird were always there.
Before the Internet, if I wanted an obscure 45 RPM record, I would go to
the Melody Shop. If she didn't already have it, she took my name and number
and within one to six months I'd get the call that my record was in.
I also remember that her store was one of the few remaining where you could
buy candy or snacks on the "Honor System". This was a concept that worked,
back when more people were generally honest. You took what you wanted,
and deposited the correct amount in the slot.
Imagine trying to do that today!

But all good things end, and in 2002 Mrs. Ball decided to retire and
not try to continue the business. So she sold the building and retired.
I give my thanks to Mrs. Ball and Mrs. Bird for the wonderful service for so many years.

Here is a 2007 photo of the same block of businesses.
Photo taken June 6, 2007 by John Cirillo.