Fort Worth Apostolic Church

Apostolic Church

Fort Worth Apostolic Church at 2701 E. Belknap and Grace Street.
Photo taken in 1987 by John Cirillo.
The entry for this church in the 1978 Yellow Pages states
that J. E. Shew was pastor at that time. They had a 9AM
Sunday radio service on radio station KRXV (1540 KHz, AM).
As a side note, station KRXV was co-owned by actor Jimmy Stewart and
Oklahoma News Network owner William Schuller.
As of 2008, the building is still there but no longer labeled "Apostolic."
On the building where it once said "Apostolic", it now reads
"Healing Hurts - Helping Hopes"
More information on this building: before 1972 it was the
Riverside Church of Christ. I don't know when that began,
but the 1962 Fort Worth phone book lists this building as the
address of the Riverside Church Of Christ.

Here is more info from James Waggoner:
"I am a member of the Church of Christ, and that building was
originally the Riverside Church of Christ till about 1972-1974.
It merged with Eastridge and Diamond Hill (both of those buildings
are still standing also) to form Midtown COC there on the East side
of the South Freeway near Northside Dr. Midtown changed their name to
Heritage Church of Christ and moved to Keller a few years ago."

And here's more information on the Apostolic Church, and the present
use of the building, from Dewayne Sheppard:
"It was a Pentecostal church that I attended my whole life until the early 90s.
I am the one who actually changed the signage on the building from
"Apostolic" to "Healing Hurts-Helping Hopes."
The original church was founded in 1950 by Reverend Shew's father, C.W. Shew
in a tent on Bluff Street downtown. They moved to 1900 Gould Avenue shortly
after that. In the mid-to late-50s, they built a building that still stands
at 516 Hudgins Avenue, just off 121 and Riverside Drive. The congregation
outgrew that building and moved to the Belknap location in 1972.
Reverend Shew sold the building in the early 90s, and it is now an
Hispanic church. After the sale of the building, the congregation
more or less just settled into other church congregations around.
I lost contact with the pastor and his family a few years ago.
To the last of my knowledge, the pastor and wife had moved his ministry
to the central part of Texas, and their son had begun a ministry
somewhere around the San Diego area."