20th Street Drug Store, 1912

20th Street Drug exterior

View of the 20th Street Drug Store, early 1900s.
This is the Googins Building at the southwest corner of N.W. 20th and N. Main.
Note: as of 2008, this building is still there, and looks exactly the same.
It has several businesses operating in it, so is very much alive.
Photo submitted by Lisa Helbing.


An interior shot of the 20th Street Drug Store in 1912.
This photo was sent by Lisa Helbing. Her comments on this photo:
"That is my great-grandfather in the middle, Dr. H.V. Helbing (Fort Worth School Board).
I think other two men might be the Greins (sp?) brothers, who had business in the same building."
On the back of the photo is written
"20th Street Drug Store, 1912. Now in 1972 called Whitten's"

Many thanks, Lisa, for sharing these old photos.