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Welcome to the Fort Worth Yesterday photo pages. This is a historical photo gallery of photos taken in the Fort Worth area in the recent past, generally within the living memory of some of us. Hence the name Fort Worth Yesterday.
If you are interested in reprints or want to use photos for your book, brochure, movie, or other projects, email us for rates.

Readers' requested additions: Heights Theatre(Clover and Rosedale), Lone Star Drive-In restaurant(6500 Camp Bowie), Cowtown Drive-In(2245 Jacksboro Highway at River Oaks) Opera House Theater, 1849 Village on University.

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Apostolic Church Fort Worth Apostolic Church, 2701 E. Belknap at Grace St.
1987 photo by John Cirillo. Building still standing as of 2008.
Arby's in Haltom City Arby's at 5100 E. Belknap and Baker Blvd.
1997 and 2007 photos by John Cirillo. Building burned down in 2009.
Armour and Swift packing plants 1992, 1995, 2007. Armour and Swift Packing Plants, 1992, 1995, 2005, and 2007 photos.
New interactive map of the Stockyards and Packing Plants.
Azle Theater Azle Theater, 2206 Azle Avenue, January, 1997
Mrs. Baird's Mrs Baird's Bakery on West Freeway, April, 1984
Beef Burger Stand Beef Burger stand at 3100 Belknap, 1999.
Belknap Drive-In Belknap Drive-In Theater on Belknap in Haltom City, 1984 or 1985. Taken a few days before it was to be torn down and replaced by apartments. Image donated by Donna Mitchell, 6-26-2003.

Berry Bowl Berry Bowl sign. Located at 1761 East Berry Street.
Berry Theater Berry Theater, Located at 3033 Hemphill.
Kip's Big Boy Big Boy Restaurant at 1523 S. University Dr., May 1986
Bill McDavid Pontiac Bill McDavid Pontiac-Tempest Parts Dept. on W. 7th. St. May 1986
Birdnest Furniture on Belknap at Carson Birdnest Furniture, 6000 E Belknap at Carson in Haltom City, 1983.
Bowie Theater Bowie Theater on Camp Bowie after it closed,
but before the facelift.
April, 1984
Brim's Tavern Brim's Tavern, a half block east of Riverside on Belknap, late 1990s.

Browder 76 Gas Station Browder 76 Gasoline. A small regional brand.
The station, on N. Main a few blocks east, has been renamed to Fina. This sign was standing at N. Commerce and Northside as of 1997.
Caravan Motel Caravan Motel on Jacksboro Hwy. at River Oaks Blvd. in 1985.
Abandoned Casa Loma Courts sign on Jacksboro Old Casa Loma Courts sign, 2100 block Jacksboro Hwy, 1985. Also Aaron Guess Motors and Jerry's Body Shop.
Cattlemen's Steak House on North Main Cattlemen's Steak House at 2458 North Main in the Stock Yards district. 1994 video capture photo.
Clown Burger The Clown Burger at 5512 E Belknap in 1983 and some newer photos in 2007.
Clover Lane Texaco Clover Lane Texaco, Clover Ln. at Camp Bowie. 1985 and 2007 photos show how it has changed.
Coors Bar-B-Que Don Coors Bar-B-Que on Beach at Wheeler.
Taken Jan. 21, 1999
Cox's Maple Shop Mrs. Cox's Maple Shop on Belknap.
Crystal Icehouse Crystal Icehouse on Camp Bowie in 1984
Crystal's Pizza Crystal's Pizza at 6381 Camp Bowie, day and night shots.
Various Fort Worth Dairy Queen locations Various Dairy Queen locations around Fort Worth
Downtown Motel Downtown Motel, 600 N. Henderson at White Settlement Road. Probably late 1950s photo. From a postcard they used to give out. Scan by John Cirillo.
Houston at 6th, Haltom Jewelers Downtown View: South on Houston from 6th Street. Haltom Jewelers on left, with TESCO building in the distance. CNB skyway above. At right, Texas State Optical and Russell Stover can barely be seen. Taken in May, 1984 by John Cirillo. Improved rescan.
Throckmorton Street with WSL and CNB Downtown View: North on Throckmorton from around 9th Street. In view are the WSL and CNB buildings, Park Central Inn (formerly the Downtowner), the Fort Worth City Hall, the old Library. Taken in 1978 by John Cirillo.
Throckmorton South from Tandy Center Downtown View: Telephoto view South on Throckmorton from Tandy Center. Taken in June 1985 by John Cirillo.
Firestone on West 7th and Henderson Firestone Tire Store on West 7th at Henderson (July 1994)
Fort Worth Butane Fort Worth Butane Co. on E. Belknap (April 1984)
Fort Worth Zoo Fort Worth Zoo in the 1980s, several photos by John Cirillo
The Gables Cafe The Gables Cafe and Bar, 605 N. Sylvania, 1972 photo by Terrance Grimes.
Griff's Burger Bar Griff's Burger Bar on Belknap in Haltom City, 1983. With Griffy the Clown (now removed).
Gulf on Sylvania Gulf Station, Sylvania at Belknap (1984)
Haltom Theater Haltom Theater photos from 1983, 2004, and 2007.
Holiday Skating Rink The Holiday Skating Rink on Carson at Belknap in Haltom City. 1983 and 2007 photos.
Inspiration Point in Samson Park Inspiration Point on Cahoba Drive in Marion Samson Park. Several views from 1930 to 2008.
Isis Theater The Isis Theater at 2403 N. Main near the Stockyards. 1992 and 2006 photos.
Jackalope The Jackalope figure from Jackalope Pottery,
now sitting above the car lot next door.
Knights of Pythias Building Knights of Pythias building, downtown FW, with Haltom Jewelers' Clock (1994)
KXOL Radio The KXOL radio building at 1705 W. 7th Street in the 1980s. Sent in by John Lewis Puff, who was a DJ there for a time. The building now houses the Democratic Party Headquarters.

Lillards Station Lillard's Station on N.W. 21st at Gould, April 1984
Lino's Restaurant on Belknap 1983 Lino's Mexican Restaurant sign at 3701 E. Belknap, taken in 1983. Building had been razed. This sign survived and is still in use by the present owners, Theresa's Dixie House cafe (2006)
Lone Star Restaurant, Cox's and others at Beach and Belknap, 1978 Lone Star Restaurant sign, Cox's, and others at Beach and Belknap, 1978. Photo by Craig Howell, used by permission.
Masonic Lodge at Six Points Masonic Lodge building at Six Points (Belknap at Riverside and Race Streets).
Mason's Hobby Lobby Mason's Hobby Lobby at 6905 Grapevine Hwy, Jan. 31,2009. They were there before the other Hobby Lobby ever existed. Photo by George Kelly.
Massey's Dancing Massey's Club 21 at 2101 Jacksboro Highway.
Massey's Restaurant Massey's Restaurant at 1805 8th Avenue, March 2011.
Melody Shop Records Melody Shop Record Store, 3123 Race Street in Six Points. 1999 photo by Terrance Grimes.
Mexican Inn Cafe Mexican Inn Cafe, 612 N. Henderson. Looks about the same as it has for years. 2007 photo by Tim Riddle.
Mills Fina C.C. Mills Fina on Camp Bowie 1984 (Demolished in the 80s to make way for improved I-30 onramp.)
Mott's Variety Store Motts at 4027 E. Belknap and Beach, Haltom City, Nov. 1998. They had just closed their doors for the last time.
Original Mexican Eats Cafe Original Mexican Eats Cafe at 4713 Camp Bowie. 2007 photos by David Aldred.
Piggly Wiggly Piggly-Wiggly on N. Riverside in mid 1980s
Poly Theater Poly Theater at 3001 Vaughn Blvd. as it was in 2007. It's still standing.
Ranch Style Factory Ranch Style factory on Presidio near downtown, 2007. Closed in 2009, name is now gone from building.
Richelieu Grill Richelieu Grill at 415 Main, downtown Fort Worth. 1985 photo by Craig Howell. It was torn down in the late 80s to make a parking lot.
Ridglea Drug Ridglea Drug, 6140 Camp Bowie, 1984. Store is empty,
as they have just moved across the street to the former Skillern's Drug site (6105 Camp Bowie).

Ridglea Theater Ridglea Theater on Camp Bowie in April, 1984
Ripley Arnold Apartments Ripley Arnold Apartments, August 1979.
This housing project was in use until Radio Shack bought the property and tore them down in 2004 to build the Radio Shack University.
Riverside Drive-In Riverside Drive-In at 3500 N.E. 28th (1987) Located just west of Beach Street, this property is now used as a golf driving range.
Riverside Rexall Drugs Riverside Rexall Drugs, corner of Sylvania and Race St. in Feb. 1999. There used to be a sign on the front saying "Barksdale's Cafe inside" up until a few years ago. The cafe has been removed.

Roosevelt Service Roosevelt Service Station on N.W. 25th as it was in April, 1984
Safeway at Belknap and Beach, 1983Safeway store at Belknap and Beach St. in 1983.
Safeway pulled out of Texas around 1986 and this site became a Minyard's. A 2007 photo of the Minyard's is included.
Sammie's Bar-B-Q Sammie's Bar-B-Q at 3801 E. Belknap just west of Beach St., Jan. 21, 1999.
Sanger-Harris at North Hills Mall Sanger-Harris at North Hills Mall in 1987. Sanger-Harris became Foleys then Macys, and then in 2007 the whole North Hills Mall, which had been in decline for some years, was completely razed. A very sad sight. I understand a medical complex will be built on the site.
Six Points Griddle Six Points Griddle and Brim's Tavern, a half block east of Riverside on Belknap, late 1990s.

7th Street Theater Seventh Street Theater at corner of 7th and Bailey. January 2000 photo. As of 2003, the building is gone.
Skillerns Drugs at 4808 Camp Bowie, 1940s Skillern's Drug Store at 4808 Camp Bowie, brand-new store in this late 1940s shot.
Sno To Go Sno To Go snow cone stand, April 1984.
There were many of these stands in Fort Worth during the 1980s.
This one was at Camp Bowie and Horne Street.

Solomon's Shoe Store, AMC Sundance Theater, Caravan of Dreams Solomon's Shoe Store, AMC Sundance Theater, Caravan of Dreams,
In Sundance Square, Downtown FW (1992)
Aerial view of the Fort Worth Stockyards Aerial view of the Fort Worth Stockyards, probably early 1940s.
Old Stockyards before renovation Fort Worth Stockyards interactive photo map. Photos from 1992, 1995, 2005, and 2007
Swift and Armour packing plants 1992, 1995, 2007. Swift and Armour plants. Same as the Armour entry above. Adding here under Swift also.
Includes new interactive map of the Stockyards.
Stripling and Cox on Camp Bowie Stripling and Cox department store at 6370 Camp Bowie.
T & C Center T & C Center on Jacksboro Highway at 183. There's Pancho's, T & C Drugs, Burger Hut, Joke Shop, Texas Drivers Branch, and many more. Newly rescanned copy.
Trailer Hookups? on Plumwood Think these are antique trailer hookups. On Plumwood, between
Belknap and Race. Taken in 1995. They are gone now!
20th Street Drug Store, 1912 20th Street Drug Store in 1912. Located at N.W. 20th at North Main.
From Lisa Helbing.
Vandervoorts Dairy Vandervoorts Dairy, located at 900 S. Main.
Varsity Theater in Poly Varsity Theater at 3006 Rosedale in Poly area.
Vivian Courtney's Restaurant Vivian Courtney's Restaurant, 5915 Jacksboro Hwy at Roberts Cutoff.
Closed and torn down, but sign remains as of 2007. Pic by Tim Riddle.
It was previously Vivian Chenault's. Not sure when her name changed.
Old Water Tower along Camp Bowie Water tower that once stood at the southeast corner of Prevost and Pershing,
Just a block north of Camp Bowie near where I-30 crosses over.
Will Rogers Coliseum Photos of Will Rogers Coliseum through the years.
Williams Ranch Steak House on Jacksboro Highway Williams Ranch House, 5532 Jacksboro Highway. It had closed; I am told it is now run by the owners of The Smoke Pit BBQ on E. Belknap. Photos taken April 26, 2007 by Tim Riddle.

Lots More photos to come, as time permits!
We are accepting interesting old photos of Fort Worth, particularly
Theaters, restaurants, gas stations, and other buildings that
have changed or been torn down. If you have a likely photo, send an
email describing what you have and we'll let you know where to send it.

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Photo of KXOL Radio Station Copyright © 2004 by John Lewis Puff, used by permission.
Photo of original Sammies Bar-B-Q Copyright © 2005 by Richard Greer, used by permission.
Photos of Brim's Tavern, Masonic Lodge, Melody Shop, The Gables, Six Points Griddle, and
Beef Burger Stand which are noted as being submitted by Terry Grimes are
Copyright © 2005 by Terrance Grimes, used by permission.
Photos of Vivian Courtney's Restaurant sign, Mexican Inn, and Williams Ranch House Copyright © 2007 by Tim Riddle, used by permission.
Photos noted as being submitted by Stephanie Kyzer are Copyright © 2007 by Stephanie Kyzer, used by permission.
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